Visual art is the midlife storytelling surprise. 

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Artist focused on the highly abstracted & color-drenched 

With no experience or training, Emily unexpectedly took up making art in 2016 at age 37, and has since sold more than 150 paintings. Emily favors highly abstracted, color-drenched works centered around her core interests: Story, home, animals and the environment, justice, mystery, wildness.

Emily is an emerging artist working in oil, acrylic, watercolor, ink and paper collage.

Artist statement

Latest Works

“Tomatoes in cages + Alice in Chains,” acrylic, 2019

“A wild garden + Soundgarden,” acrylic, 2019

”Soon everything began blooming around her,” watercolor, pencil and ink, 2021.

”Saint Dorothea of Caesarea,”
mixed media on paper, 2021

”She always had the best apartments,”
mixed media collage, 2021

”Cocooned, marooned, Zoomed,”
mixed media collage, 2021.

”Spotting the lie,” ink and watercolor, 2021

”The lion,” acrylic and paper collage, 2021

”Rewatching E.T. at 40,”
watercolor, ink, paper collage, 2021

”All the boys think she’s a spy,”
pastel and charcoal, 2021

”Saddle up boys,”
acrylic, ink and vintage papers, 2021

”Intergalactic Planetary Ponies,”
watercolor, ink, pastel, 2021

”Bleeding heart,” watercolor and ink, 2021

”The winter woods have their own magic,” watercolor and ink, 2020

”Do you love him, Loretta?”
watercolor, ink, collage, 2021

”She made her home in the woods,”
watercolor, ink and collage, 2021

"Beyond luck or coincidence,”
watercolor and ink, 2021

”Angelica Huston and Mazzy Star,”
watercolor, ink and collage, 2021

Emily is proud to have had her art shown at:

Curated by Sydney Carr and Bree Stallings

The Knight Gallery at Spirit Square, Charlotte, N.C.
August-September, 2021

 Artist of the Month
The Famous Toastery Dilworth, Charlotte, N.C.
September 2021

 Artist of the Month
The Charlotte Art League, Charlotte, N.C.
April 2021

Interested in 

creative leadership?

Emily has extensive Content Strategy and non-profit experience; meaning she can help YOU!